Finally... it has been a long time coming!

Over the past 5-6 years or so the local community has supported and worked alongside a group of volunteers to shape a neighbourhood plan for the town; to accommodate the massive growth in housing proposed by the district council and as directed by the government.

Following the government’s Localism Act of 2012, towns and villages across the UK have been given the opportunity to take control and develop their own vision for the future look of buildings and services in their area. In Attleborough, we as residents can do something to help alleviate the stress impacted on infrastructure by voting YES on the 23rd November.

Founding members of the former Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group were quick to recognise the need to act on the 2012 localism bill set by the government and set out to develop a strategy for the town to ensure key areas such as health, sport and education services were included in the developers’ spend on the services infrastructure.

To be able to support the growth and have some say in the associated infrastructure spend associated with the housing, a plan has been developed and directed by people who live and work in the town with a real understanding of the day to day needs of the local community.

After years of research, consulting, debating, writing and reporting, the town now has a neighbourhood plan fit for purpose, ready to take forward and actually make things happen. The last hurdle is to get local people living within the boundaries of the
planning area to come out in force and vote YES on the 23rd November, to get the plan made. Following a majority vote the plan will then become policy and give the people of Attleborough a collective voice in the development of the area moving forward.

A reminder of what you are voting for on the 23rd November:

- Employment and Local Economy
- Housing
- Transport and Communication
- Health and Social Care
- Education
- Sport, Community and Leisure Facillities
- Environment, Sustainability and Design

Each of the above subjects has had a working group allocated to it with specialists on the subject matter involved. The business community and all residents have had the chance to comment on and question the development of the plan and its specific areas as it has developed. We truly believe the final plan submitted is a thorough and comprehensive piece of work which represents the views of the local community.

A copy of the final plan submitted can be seen at the Town Hall during opening hours (Monday-Thursday 10am-2pm, Friday 10am-noon).

Everyone who has worked on the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan realises that the scale and number of houses cannot be resisted, but has fought hard to ensure the town gets as much benet that it can from every large scale development.

What we have tried to do as a collective is present the needs of the town to accommodate the growth, and as seen by those who live and work there and not by others who might not understand the dynamics of the place, and what makes Attleborough such a great place to work and live.

We are at the final leg of the long journey. There is no turning back, Attleborough is set to double in size and the best way that we, as a community, can ensure it does so in a manner it deserves is to VOTE YES on Thursday 23rd November. Your town needs you to turn out and vote. Don’t leave it to others and assume the vote will get passed.

Published and promoted by the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan campaign group.

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