Opportunities for SMEs – Keep+

Why collaborate with universities and research institutions?

The KEEP+ programme can provide match funded grants to access academic expertise to support you in the development of your project. Depending on which part of KEEP+ is best suited to your needs your business could benefit from collaboration with specialist academic and graduate talent for a specific project, as well as the opportunity to build links with universities and research institutions to achieve future innovation goals. Download our Knowledge Exchange Factsheet for more information

Depending on what point you are at in your project as an alternative option to a KEEP, RIC or Internship we also offer grants for equipment purchases and shorter duration business support/consultancy. Download our Capital Purchase/Consultancy Factsheet for more information.

Some business sectors are exempt from support under the European Regional Development Fund, those are;

• primary production, processing and marketing of agricultural goods.
• fishery and aquaculture
• coal and steel
• shipbuilding
• synthetic fibres
• schools
• statutory services
• healthcare
• banking and insurance
• retail

If you think you may have a project which would benefit from the programme you can learn more about the how to apply for KEEP+ funding here. The KEEP+ team will provide advice and support through the application steps to ensure that your journey is simple and straightforward.

Keep+ - https://keepplus.co.uk/


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